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My Thoughts about Eczema Free Forever

In order to heal eczema permanently, we need to firstly clean our bodies of accumulated toxic waste. Since our bodies are made up of cells, the most fundamental units of life, it stands to reason that our health / disease state will reflect their condition. If our cells start to malfunction as a result of toxic overload, they won’t be able to operate at their full capacity, which will lead to disruption in the basic cell metabolism. This will create a chain reaction affecting many important bodily functions, which may lead to immune, digestive or hormonal disturbances. It is therefore vital to detoxify our bodies at the cellular level so that even the most engrained toxins can get removed. A thorough detox will help to reprogram our cells to work more efficiently so that all the nourishment we derive from the Eczema Healing Diet gets assimilated and used for the right purpose.

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The whole Eczema Free Forever Program is simple in its concept, however at times it requires a great amount of determination and motivation on your part. You need to make a very resolute decision that you want your eczema to heal, so please think about all the reasons why you wish to beat eczema and how you will benefit from it. Your motivation is very important because it will keep things in the right perspective. Once you have identified the main reasons why you wish to be eczema free, write them down on a few pieces of paper and display them in your bedroom, bathroom mirror or perhaps on the door of your fridge. This will help you stay focused and determined throughout the whole healing journey you are about to embark upon.

Tip: When I was undergoing the healing journey myself, I focused on the nutrients I was deriving from the healing foods and at the same time I visualized how my cells were being cleansed becoming healthier and more vibrant. This helped me to overcome any temptations and doubts I had at the time. You will most definitely have to give up certain foods (e.g. pastries, pizza, ice-cream, chocolate) and drinks (e.g. coffee, alcohol) that you have enjoyed so far but please do not look at it as if you are depriving your body of something. You are doing your body a big favor by eliminating foods that rob you of nutrients and that further aggravate mucus production and inflammation.

“Once you have completed this healing program, you will be able to consume your favorite foods occasionally without feeling guilty and mainly without doing any harm to your body”.

Please also understand that if you commit yourself to this program only at 50% or less, your results will become diminished (however you may still benefit since your eczema will improve). If, however, you commit yourself at 100% your body will be afforded the maximum opportunity to heal itself from eczema (and other degenerative diseases you may suffer from).

If you are therefore convinced that you can complete this program, I am positive that you will realize your dream and become eczema free forever.